24 February 2009

FINAL WEEK - Brief, Initial Thoughts on Good Practice

Good practice during online tutoring is an essential element. We have been asked to list our own goals (briefly) in this area:

BE FRIENDLY: The personality and enthusiasm of the online tutor is an important ingredient when interacting with students. Hopefully, no amount of cold technology can stifle the human dimension,

LEARNING STYLES: Respect that everyone is different and absorbs information differently. Online design must provide a variety of approaches.

K.I.S.S. = Keep It Short & Simple: Clarity is key. Online activities must be explained clearly, goal-achievable, deadlines meet-able and assessment consistent.

RAPID RESPONSE: Asynchronous does not make it easy to be quick, but an effort has to be made to quickly follow up student requests. This aside, positive feedback is a key element - the 'back-patting' patter is a must.

FOLLOW-UP OPTION: Online students perhaps need to have the option to come back to the course - to clarify any points when the 'penny dropped' later.

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