15 February 2009

WEEK TWO - Final Reflexions

During this second week online I had an interesting dialogue with Lindsey Fulker. In essence, it was about 'academics verse computer techno-types' within the same university. A summary of our discussion went:

"...our university is the same as yours, especially the computer people when they say things like 'we do not support this or that application / software'. They issue an implied 'threat' that if you do something outside THEIR control, then 'upon your head be it'! For example, my boss and I are keen for us to use Skype as a means of contacting our students (especially if they have, say, a quick query about referencing). But, just to cover ourselves, she suggested I email the computer service to get their opinion on this new situation. I know the bloke who replied (and he is OK), nevertheless, he came back with computer-jargon: intranet or internet, and wittered on about some proxy server addresses and post IDs - without explaining what these things meant in plain English. My boss was angry and said 'they like to make us feel small' by using techno-speak. Anyway, as you say, institutions have this thing about 'SUPPORT', but it really results in our multi-media creativity being SMOTHERED. The computer buffs prefer to deal with their machines / equipment / objects / software - and rarely come f2f with students. Also reflecting upon what you said, the present online experience is refreshing in that sense of diving into the Web 2.0 experience and encouraging us to use the new packages out there."

Therefore, academics should be able to shake off the straight-jacket and regulations of having to use strictly controlled software (institutionally-approved VLEs), be truly 'supported' by our computer colleagues, and be allowed to engage with our students in their own Web 2.0 environments where they feel comfortable.
Overall, though, the Green Team did extremely well, we collaborated in many areas and completed our tasks before the deadline. It was fun. Bring on Week Three...

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