05 February 2009

"Who Am I?" - Part II

After my previous ramblings about the above topic [sometimes there is a need to 'get things off your chest'], I now wish to revert to an earlier thought on how I would tackle this topic. That is, to simply point anyone who is interested to other aspects of my current web / real life. This can be presented under the following four weblinks:

1. This is my own website (via the University of Hull) that I established in 1997. I constructed this in the 'olden days' - long before any of the modern web authoring software was available - as part of a teacher-training course (HETC - Higher Education Teaching Certificate). The website was part of my final-year project called "Teaching Topics on the World Wide Web". It is ancient by today's standards and is desperate for a complete update. Added to this, I must insert some interesting images. Anyway, here it is and I am still proud of it and its content: http://www.hull.ac.uk/php/cesag.

2. Part of my academic work at the Study Advice Service at Hull University includes my role as a multi-media developer. In 2007, we began to compile a set of educational video clips giving academic advice about writing and study skills. Due to lack of storage space within our computing system, it was decided to place these on YouTube. The total now is 18 video clips and these can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=SAStudyadvice&view=videos
If you wish to 'Add to Favourites' or leave a 'Comment', then please do so - the more the merrier. A series of other interviews are planned for later this year.

3. As part of this Oxford Online course we were encouraged to use the Flickr website. As a photographer, and following the positive remarks of our university photographer (Mike Park), I really took to this website. Obviously, like many websites, there is tons of work yet to do. Anyway, another aspect of "Who I Am?" can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34788179@N03/
Again, please leave comments if you wish.

4. Here, within Blogger, I have another weblink. This was created back in April 2005 as part of another university course I was attending. This was with Cascade on a multi-media course and we were introduced to the fairly new concept of blogging. I was quickly produced the following blog about my local history research:
After the course was over, I quickly forgot about this blog and it was dormant until now. I seem to spend my life going from one academic course to another - not really!

Anyway, that is that for now - four strands of my life. I have one more blog entry to do to complete Week One of this current course...

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